Thursday, August 21, 2008

The fabric of time

Here is an offering from this past Tuesday's life drawing session. I always enjoy drawing this model because she demands long sweeping lines, and she moves like a ballet dancer even when she's standing still.

I picked up some new paper and thought I'd give it a beating. It's from Fabriano and it has a delicate sharkskin tooth which promised to be hungry for pigment. It took on everything I threw its way, so I decided to challenge it on the last drawing of the night. I quickly established my placements to give myself maximum time to render. Then I decided to find out just how much of a pigment load this paper could take. To my surprise, the paper was still begging for more when I ran out of time.

We're going to start up a Thursday session at the studio as well. The plan is for these sessions to have a longer poses.
This paper is not off the hook just yet.


Chris Sims said...

Simply beautiful. I love the colors and the way you render the figure. I can't wait to see the next one since you should have more time to execute it.

markChiDC said...

just gorgeous. I wanna come down and draw w you guys!

Chris Gardner said...

Brian, your work is, and has always been fantastic, I'm unbelievably happy to see you here on one of these blogs! I'm pretty sure I'll be stopping by everyday. Excellent, and thought provoking work. -Chris.

elorm said...

unbelievable stuff man. love it.

Shawn Crystal said...

I'm in. Love the Blog!

Afua Richardson said...

Hey Brian, I really appreciate those yellow tones you've got going on in the spaces near the crevices. its too bad you didn't have enought ime to finish this but i like the way it looks incomplete.

Nice seeing you in baltimore!